Transformational Significance of Analytics for Workforce Optimization

Recently, Kiran Analytics conducted its third annual survey of retail banks to provide insights on branch transformation priorities, workforce strategies, and analytics solutions for workforce optimization. The results were summarized in a white paper which is now available and contains the following:

  • The Importance of Branches

    The importance of the branch channel continues to justify distribution, technology, and human resource investments in branch transformation.

  • Distribution and Technology Deployment

    What are the top distribution optimization priorities? Which branch technology investments are most popular?

  • Strategies for Optimizing the Workforce

    Aligning selling capacity to market opportunity, universal banker deployment, reducing over-staffing, and talent acquisition/retention are top priorities.

  • Advanced Analytics for Workforce Optimization

    The majority of the bankers rank their bank’s commitment to data and advanced analytics as high. Yet, only a third of the bankers say they are using advanced analytics for workforce optimization.

  • Key Takeaways

    Five recommendations based on the survey of banking executives and Kiran Analytics’ experience in deploying workforce optimization solutions driven by advanced analytics for leading retail banks.

Analytics WFO Distribution Technology Gears

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