Scheduler Customer Success Story

A large UK retail bank was in the early stages of transforming its more than 1,200 branches. Watch the 90-second video and learn how Kiran’s Scheduler helped.

Key Challenges

  • A single, common labor scheduling solution did not exist because of a merger of three brands. Market managers did not have an accurate view of what was happening on the ground.
  • Existing software was too difficult to use. Branch managers could not schedule multiple branches and shared resources.
  • As a result, several branches were chronically understaffed, while others were overstaffed.


The bank chose Kiran Analytics as its workforce optimization partner.

“Our scheduling solution had to be a win-win-win for the branch workforce, branch managers, and line of business leaders. Kiran Analytics delivered on their promise to address the needs of all three key stakeholders.”

– Director of Workforce Management



  • Using Scheduler’s dashboards, market managers now have real-time views into markets. They can easily identify overstaffed and understaffed branches.
  • Branch managers can create optimized schedules quickly, evaluate what-if shift scheduling scenarios, and manage labor schedules.
  • Staff members can now use their mobile devices to view their weekly schedules and request time off.

The executive sponsor of the branch transformation initiative and the Director of Workforce Management pointed out three key criteria for selecting Kiran Analytics and the Scheduler software:

  1. Proven track record in labor modeling solutions for retail banking
  2. User friendly, mobile-friendly Scheduler software provided as SaaS
  3. Deep expertise in analytics
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