Process Audit

Kiran Analytics process audits are intended to assess the activities, data, systems, and tools currently used for strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition, resource alignment, and labor scheduling processes. The process audits are conducted by Kiran’s retail banking and process improvement experts.

As a result of Kiran’s process audits, your bank receives a report summarizing:

  • process effectiveness and efficiency
  • data quality, completeness, and granularity
  • modeling and analysis capability

Workforce Optimization Process Audit

Workforce Optimization Process Audits help your organization assess current processes, tools, and data used in workforce planning, forecasting, and scheduling for transactional and non-transactional activity and service times, work content and workforce requirements. Gap analysis and roadmap for improvement are provided to bring your retail bank to the level of leading banks in workforce optimization.

Talent Acquisition Process Audit

Talent Acquisition Process Audits provide valuable insights into your existing recruiting process, talent assessments, and data while giving clear guidance on how to streamline your recruiting process and improve your recruiting effectiveness.

Contact Kiran today and find out how you can assess the effectiveness of your workforce optimization and talent acquisition processes and how to improve them.

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