Recruiting ROI Calculator

You can generate significant improvements in quality of hire and time to fill with CloudCords Recruiter. Your organization’s Return on Investment (ROI) depends on your own metrics and potential for improvement. Download the white paper to learn more or try and see what savings you might achieve with your metrics and estimates.

Recruiting ROI Calculator

Estimate your return on investment (ROI) savings with this interactive calculator.

How many new hires do you have per year? Help Enter the number of new hires for high volume positions such as teller, personal banker, or call center agent.

Average time to fill per requisition? (days) Help Enter the number of days from the time a hiring manager creates a requisition to the time the job is filled.

Expected improvement in time to fill? (%) Help Enter the percentage of time reduced to fill a requisition.

Annual turnover rate? (%) Help Enter the turnover rate for high volume jobs.

Expected improvement in turnover rate? (%) Help Enter the percentage turnover rate reduced.

Cost per turnover? ($) Help Enter the cost per turnover for high volume jobs. Cost of turnover includes recruitment costs, training costs, lost productivity costs, costs of new hire to fill the open position, and lost sales costs.

Your organization’s recruiting process may have additional factors to consider in calculating actual savings. Contact us and learn how we can help you estimate your potential savings.

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