Ongoing Client Support

Once Kiran Analytics has delivered your solution, the relationship with our clients does not end there. Following the weekly meetings, calls, and support throughout the implementation process, Kiran Analytics client team continues those interactions on a regular basis and works as a trusted business partner to address both strategic and tactical issues within our clients’ organizations.

Kiran Analytics continually improves its software applications and platform – adding new functionality, providing updates and enhancements. Because Kiran’s products are delivered as SaaS, our customers are able to receive the benefits of continuous product improvements with minimal impact on current business users and IT resources.

The insights that our solutions provide continue to be critical for sustaining the benefits of your solution and future decision-making. Because of the speed of change (channel migration, technology enhancements, automation, changing roles, and changing buying behaviors, to name a few) faced by retail banks, Kiran’s solutions are designed to inform of changes in trends and provide the tools to anticipate and adjust for changes in key metrics.

Kiran Analytics offers on-going field studies to monitor the impact of new workforce strategies and decisions on customer experience, branch performance, and operational efficiency. Retail banks utilize these studies to understand what is changing on the ground and how to achieve continuous improvement.

The Kiran team works closely both at the executive level and with client internal support teams to bring the latest tools and thinking to bear to keep our clients on the cutting edge.

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