Training and Change Management

Kiran Analytics utilizes proven project management methodologies to ensure a successful rollout delivering the ROI and customer service gains envisioned. Our customers are engaged at the inception of each project, and Kiran always makes hearing the voice of the customer and implementing their specific requirements the highest priority.

Our project managers will always design the project schedule and deliverables to align with your organizations requirements. We have the flexibility of a small organization in this regard, while providing the experience and stability of a large one. Many software firms employ “customer first” rhetoric, but very few approach Kiran’s level of putting this mantra into action. During every stage of the implementation, it will be evident to your organization that Kiran rolls out as your partner, rather than just another vendor.

Your organization’s rollout is conducted in a phased manner and at a rate that suits your bank’s requirements. During the first phase, in addition to training the subset of employees impacted by the new solution, Kiran will also train your organizations training staff or super users. This ensures that the ongoing rollout of larger phases will continue at the rate required. During subsequent phases, your organization is empowered to conduct the rollout internally, while knowing that the Kiran’s solution delivery team is always there for support.

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