Randy Ross to discuss the role of analytics for optimizing distribution, technology, and workforce for better customer experience 

San Diego, CA, April 17, 2017 – Kiran Analytics – a leader in intelligent branch transformation – announced today that Randy Ross, the firm’s Executive Vice President, will share his banking transformation insights during an expert panel with UK retail banking executives at the Retail Banking 2017 conference in London.

The Retail Banker International 2017 conference, the premier event of the industry, brings together retail bankers, new market entrants, financial professionals and industry disruptors in an active discussion of the key issues facing the industry. The expert panel discussion on “Planning the Next Steps and Looking Towards the Future of Retail Banking” will cover topics such as key market trends, impact of regulation, branch transformation strategies, and what the UK can learn from other markets.

“I’m looking forward to discussing banking trends based on our experience in the UK and other markets, branch transformation strategy trade-offs, improving the quality of customer interactions, and the role of predictive workforce analytics”, said Randy Ross, EVP of Kiran Analytics.

Ross added “Research shows customers are more engaged when their banking relationship matches their preferences. And, most customers prefer multi-channel experiences and a mix along the continuum of self-service and personal service. The tough challenge is figuring out how your bank can deepen customer relationships and achieve growth and operational efficiency using an optimal mix of distribution channels, technology, and human resources. Data and advanced analytics can play a significant role for aligning retail distribution, technology, and workforce with market opportunities.”

In “Planning the Next Steps”, Ross will share insights about the use of advanced analytics for assessing and monitoring the effectiveness of banking transformation strategies, evaluating technology utilization, and performance improvement.

About Kiran Analytics

Kiran Analytics drives intelligent branch transformation for retail banks through the application of predictive analytics. Kiran’s solutions have been deployed in over 15,000 branches helping to forecast optimal branch staff levels accurately, hire better people faster, and to plan and schedule resources efficiently. As a result, retail banks increase sales and customer service while reducing operational costs. Kiran Analytics is a member of Bank Administration Institute (BAI), Consumer Bankers Association (CBA), and British Bankers Association (BBA). Kiran Analytics Inc. headquarters is based in San Diego, California and Kiran Analytics Ltd. is based in London.

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