Aligning selling capacity to market opportunity is top workforce optimization priority

October 11, 2017, San Diego, CA – Kiran Analytics – a leader in intelligent branch transformation – announced today the release of its third annual Workforce Strategies survey findings. The report covers top branch transformation priorities, strategies for optimizing the workforce, and the applications of advanced analytics for workforce management. The survey reveals the top priority for optimizing the branch workforce is alignment of selling capacity to market opportunity.

Kiran Analytics surveyed executives from 40 retail banks representing more than 37,000 branches in North America. The research findings provide insights about workforce strategies such as universal banker deployment, reducing over-staffing, and talent acquisition/retention. The survey results also reveal that applications of advanced analytics for workforce optimization are more prevalent in large retail banks than smaller banks.

Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics said, “There are clear signs that the strategic focus is shifting from cost cutting to balanced growth and lean execution.” He added, “The channel focus is shifting from closing branches to aligning branch and ATM strategies with market opportunity. And, the staffing focus is shifting from reducing staffing levels in branches to putting the right skill sets in front of customers. Given the dynamics of consumer behaviors and digital transformation, data and advanced analytics are more critical for successful transformation than ever.”Kiran Analytics Workforce Optimization Survey results

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Seventy percent of the surveyed bankers ranked aligning selling capacity to market opportunity as their top workforce optimization priority.
  • Universal banker implementations are on the rise. This year, 63 percent of the respondents said they have implemented universal bankers. Last year, 51 percent had implemented them.
  • One third of the respondents indicated that their banks are using advanced analytics for workforce optimization.
  • Fifty-nine percent of the bankers rated their bank’s commitment to advanced analytics for workforce as high to very high.

DeLapa added, “In the past, branch staffing models were driven by teller transaction data as a proxy for everything happening the branch. That’s history. Today’s best-in-class workforce models look at every customer touchpoint in the branch including both human and technology touchpoints. By modeling the customer’s use of the full branch, we are helping top retail banks to properly and efficiently align selling capacity with market opportunity. A modern, integrated workforce optimization solution must offer accurate modeling of work content, optimal position mix planning and open hours analysis. The labor model must have inputs from finance and final half-hourly FTE allocation needs to be pushed to the branch scheduler. The scheduling solution must make it easy for branch managers to closely match the model-target FTE with actual FTE. Market and regional branch leaders can monitor their branches’ effective alignment of colleagues to customers through adherence reports.”

Those interested in learning more about this research can download the findings report at

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