Growth in advanced analytics solutions for retail banking elevates the company’s ranking

San Diego, CA, May 1, 2018— Kiran Analytics – a leader in driving retail banking transformation through predictive analytics – announced today that it was recently ranked among the top ten in San Diego Business Journal’s list of Top Technology Solution Providers of 2017.

Organizations were ranked by the number of local employees as of January 1, 2018. Kiran Analytics was ranked No. 10, with a 31 percent increase from the previous year.

Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics said, “We are a growing software company focused on pushing the boundaries of predictive analytics, workforce optimization, and talent acquisition with cloud-based applications for the retail banking industry.” He added, “Our forward momentum is fueled by our strong customer focus and innovative culture.  Our ability to deliver measurable improvements to our clients’ business performance leads to high customer satisfaction.”


Leaders in retail banking are transforming themselves into data driven organizations. They are continuously improving their ability to derive value from data and advanced analytics. Distribution and workforce optimization are two critical areas where Kiran’s innovative analytics solutions and enterprise software products are helping improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and profitability. Indicative of its continued growth in retail banking, 9 out of the top 12 US retail banks partner with Kiran Analytics.

To meet the growing needs of its clients, Kiran’s team continues to expand its workforce with expertise in data science, advanced analytics, enterprise software development, process and technology improvement, and change management.

De Lapa added, “Our engaged workforce is the key to being a true partner and delighting our clients. I’m proud of the collaborative, customer-focused culture we created at Kiran Analytics. We strive to provide a unique opportunity where exceptional people from diverse backgrounds are supported and inspired to create innovative solutions.”

About Kiran Analytics

Kiran Analytics drives retail banking transformation through the application of predictive analytics. Kiran’s solutions have been deployed in over 25,000 branches helping to optimize business processes, model staffing levels to meet budget and service goals, hire better people faster, and to plan and schedule resources efficiently. As a result, retail banks improve revenues and customer service while reducing operational costs. Kiran Analytics is a member of Bank Administration Institute (BAI) and Consumer Bankers Association (CBA). Kiran Analytics’ headquarters is in San Diego, California and Kiran Analytics Ltd. is based in London.

Kiran Analytics software applications are hosted in a private cloud utilizing Kiran’s integrated SaaS platform and infrastructure services. Together, the infrastructure, hosting platform, and applications are called the CloudCords Suite.

Kiran Analytics