The impact of WFM and Analytics on your branch transformation goals

Nine Reasons to deploy CloudCords WFM & Analytics:

1. Improve customer satisfaction by aligning staff capacity and skillsets with demand.

2. Reduce overstaffing and annually save over $12K per branch by accurately forecasting demand.

3. Increase annual revenue by $25K or more per branch.

4. Reduce overtime by up to 80 percent with optimized schedules.

5. Reduce branch open hours by 10 percent or more.

6. Improve branch manager productivity with easy-to-use shift planning.

7. Improve workforce engagement with mobile, self-service tools and collaboration to fill open shifts quickly.

8. Ensure compliance with fair labor standards and avoid risk of scheduling violations.

9. Deployed in over 40,000 branches, CloudCords is the de facto standard for branch workforce management in retail banking.

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