Improve workforce productivity and engagement. Deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

The Best Workforce Management Solution for Retail Banks

Most workforce management (WFM) solutions are developed for other industries and contact centers. They are not suitable for bank branch staffing because they produce unreliable and inconsistent results that lead to over- or under-staffing.

Branch Workforce Management involves planning and scheduling the right mix of bankers across the entire network throughout the day in order to achieve target service levels, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. Kiran’s new, innovative CloudCords suite and consulting services are specifically developed for branch workforce management.

Enterprise Class Workforce Management Software as a Service

CloudCords software applications are used by hundreds of thousands of users every day. Users include resource planning managers, region and market managers, branch managers, and branch associates.

CloudCords Forecaster and Scheduler applications utilize data from banking transaction and information systems, HR management systems, appointment scheduling software, and Kiran’s Branch Field Studies. In addition, our models take into account customer segmentation, arrival patterns, performance goals, and the unique attributes of each branch in the network.

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