Using predictive analytics, CloudCords® Recruiter transforms the way your recruiters identify top talent.

Proven to Identify Top Talent for Retail Banks

Recruiter can identify future employees who will sell more products and services, be more productive, provide a higher quality of customer service, and stay in your organization longer for all retail banking positions. Whether personal banker, teller, universal banker, or call center employees, candidates are placed where they are most likely to succeed. Recruiter’s predictive assessments scores applicants in several key areas:

  • Sales & Service
  • Work Experience
  • Career Motivation
  • Performance and Work Skills
  • Culture Fit
  • Work Tolerance
  • Work Style

These assessments can also be packaged into multi-phase workflows which are custom designed for your specific organization and each specific position to allow only qualified applicants to automatically progress through each step.

Interview guides can be used by recruiters and hiring managers to probe areas of incompatibility identified through the assessment process. Tools included in the structured interview guide:

  • Interview dimension checklist
  • Preparation guide
  • Interview dimensions
  • Evaluative criteria
  • Evaluation form
  • Communications rating
  • Closing checklist

Increase Quality of Hire

25 percent

Higher Job Satisfaction with Strong Culture Fit

26 percent

Higher Success Rate with Work Tolerance Testing

15 percent

Proven Decrease in Turnover

Recruiting organizations of retails banks that deploy Recruiter can expect to increase quality of hires by 25%. Furthermore, Recruiter is proven to improve retention rate by 12-15% for customer-facing positions.

Increase Recruiting Speed

Did you know that if a potential top performer is not scheduled for an interview immediately after they complete the assessment, there is a less than 50% chance they will ever interview with your bank? A significant component of the time required to successfully recruit for positions in retail banks is focused on scheduling-related activities that place candidates in interviews.

Recruiter reduces this workload by up to 80% with its proven, self-scheduling module which enables candidates, within minutes from filling out an application and being identified as top performers, to automatically schedule an interview with a recruiter, 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Easy-to-deploy, Flexible, Scalable, and Secure

Recruiter is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), making it easy to deploy, and giving it the flexibility to integrate with your business rules and workflow. Recruiter is highly scalable and secure because it is also hosted in a private cloud. Your data is always safe, secure, and available to your authorized users.

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