SaaS Platform

Kiran Analytics understands the business, IT, and compliance requirements of the financial services industry.

In order to meet the most stringent requirements of world’s top retail banks, Kiran’s software applications like Forecaster, Scheduler, and Recruiter are hosted in a private cloud utilizing Kiran’s integrated SaaS platform and infrastructure services.

In tandem with the modeling process, Kiran’s implementation team works with your project team, configures and tests your solution for training and rollout.


Security, Reliability, and Redundancy

The SaaS Platform, the applications, and your data are hosted in a SSAE 16 compliant facility. All the hardware is owned and managed by Kiran with 7x24x365 system monitoring. There is no single point of failure and we guarantee greater than 99.9% uptime.

Our business continuity plan is documented and ready to support you even through the most challenging emergencies. Data is backed up locally and remotely each day to meet your service level requirements. You can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that in the event of a catastrophic system failure, you’ll know exactly where your data is at all times.


Scalability and Performance

The SaaS platform architecture is designed to be highly scalable. It takes complete advantage of the private cloud, providing immediate capacity expansion to meet your growing demand. Kiran applications take advantage of a multi-threaded architecture. They utilize multi-core processes, virtualized machines, and distributed processing.

Simplified Delivery and Agility

Additional benefits of Kiran’s CloudCords platform are faster implementation of your solutions and reduced demand on your own IT resources. As business requirements shift and user needs change, agility becomes critical to sustaining the benefits of your solution. Kiran’s CloudCords platform provides flexibility to roll out upgrades or incorporate customizations quickly and cost effectively.


Contact Kiran today and learn how our products and SaaS platform can meet your retail bank’s business, IT, and compliance requirements.

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