Kiran Analytics Summit 2018
September 13-14, La Jolla, CA

Kiran Analytics Summit 2018 was the perfect opportunity for retail bankers to network with their peers, hear from other Kiran Analytics clients about their success stories, learn about roadmap and R&D updates from Kiran team members, and participate in round table discussions to exchange ideas.

Watch the highlights and see why branch workforce management leaders find it so worthwhile attending every year.

“Great conference! The insights shared and the business relationships started made the Summit a hit.”

Ben Hopper, Retail Transformation and Strategy, First Tennessee Bank

“The presentations were highly relevant. Round table discussions and networking made it an excellent conference.”
Gina Burmeister, Retail Workforce Management Consulting, U.S. Bank

“It was exciting to be at a conference where the focus is branch banking.”

Jon McCallister, Retail Operations, Fifth Third Bank