Predictive Analytics

See and shape the future of your retail branch performance – with your data.
Use Kiran’s expertise and solutions to make intelligent decisions with predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics involves a variety of statistical techniques for extracting information from data, building predictive models, validating assumptions,  and using the models to predict trends and patterns. Applications of predictive analytics in retail banking range from fraud prevention and risk management to CRM.

Kiran’s predictive analytics applications and expertise help retail banks make intelligent decisions about the people they hire and the way they staff their branch network.

Kiran’s solutions are specifically designed for retails banks to analyze millions of data points, to gain insights and uncover trends, and to predict recruiting and staff optimization outcomes with confidence. So, you are able to hire the right people with the right skills. And, you are able to put them in the right branches at the right time.

Predictive Analytics for Talent Acquisition

With Kiran’s predictive models for employee pre-screening, you are able to accurately identify those candidates who are most likely to succeed and stay on the job for all retail delivery positions including branch and call center operations.

Predictive Analytics for Workforce Optimization

What you get with Kiran’s patent-pending predictive models for transaction forecasting and resource allocation are the most accurate strategic workforce capacity plans as well as operational forecasts for each branch in your network with up to half-hour granularity.

Collect, analyze, and make intelligent decisions with data. Use your data and Kiran’s predictive analytics solutions to transform your retail bank’s branch network.

Contact Kiran today and find out how leading retail banks are using predictive analytics for workforce optimization and talent acquisition.

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