Workforce Planning

Workforce Optimization
What if you could increase sales effectiveness and customer service by avoiding understaffed periods?
What if you could reduce operational cost by avoiding overstaffed periods?

Kiran can help your retail bank.

Deploying best-in-class solutions that provide more accurate capacity planning and strategic forecasting can save retail banks as much as $15,000 – $20,000 in annual labor costs, per branch.

Workforce Planning Challenges of Retail Banks

  • Tackle the strategic imperative to drive down branch staffing driven by channel migration
  • Increase customer satisfaction without increasing staff levels
  • Optimize the workforce by changing the composition (position mix, full time vs. part time)
  • Anticipate strategic changes such as closing a significant number of branches, or executing mergers and acquisitions
  • Align strategic, tactical, and operational workforce planning processes
  • Utilize analytics to understand the impact of technology changes on staff before implementation

Best-in-Class Solutions for Retail Banks

Best-in-Class workforce planning solutions for retail banks provide accurate, actionable, credible FTE requirements by driving strategic and tactical forecasting process with a unified staffing model.

On the platform side, best-in-class capacity planning solutions offer more accurate transaction forecasting capabilities and help staff the platform to achieve sales goals.

In order to drive cost savings down on the teller side of the retail branch network, best-in-class workforce planning solutions:

  • take into account alternative channel migration
  • model forward-looking trends instead of continuously playing catch-up in an environment of reduced branch transactions
  • do not rely on outdated assumptions regarding the distribution of service times

Find out today how Kiran’s workforce planning solutions can improve sales and service effectiveness as well as operational excellence.

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