Hire better people faster. Improve retention

Is your talent acquisition process efficient and effective?

What if you could increase quality of hires and speed at the same time?

Kiran Analytics can help you.

Impact of Quality of Hire and Recruiting Speed

Acquiring and retaining top talent for customer facing positions such as personal banker, universal banker, teller, and digital advocate have become increasingly costly for retail banks. When turnover rates are high and time to fill open positions takes too long, it negatively impacts customer satisfaction and business performance.

Identifying top talent early in the recruiting funnel can improve three key performance metrics — Quality of hire, time to fill, and cost of hire.

Hire Better People Faster. Improve Retention.

Using predictive analytics, CloudCords Recruiter helps financial institutions identify those candidates who are most likely to succeed and stay on the job for branch and contact center operations.

Using automated recruiting workflows, the solution accelerates the recruiting process thereby improving recruiter productivity and candidate experience.