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Train, transform, transcend: Boosting branches by better preparing employees – BAI Banking Strategies

“While technology largely drives customer experience in digital channels, branch customer experience for the most part depends upon your associates. Banks that optimize staff skill sets and capacity, and provide workers with proper training and technology, will boost customer experience.”

How pooling branch staff improves customer and workforce engagement – BAI Banking Strategies

“Fact: We have fewer associates in each branch. Customers who visit branches come with more complex needs and higher expectations. So what happens when an associate goes on leave or quits?”

Making the most of mobile scheduling – BAI Banking Strategies

Mobile scheduling decreases a critical pain point—and in the process, improves employee satisfaction.

The analytics lift: How to improve branch productivity and customer experience – BAI Banking Strategies

“What engages a branch associate? Feeling productive, or the ability to satisfy your customers’ needs? Constructing the right branch team around smart workforce management allows a bank to create and retain an engaged staff.”

How the best banks optimize branch hours with predictive analytics – BAI Banking Strategies

“Do you know the pitfalls of the traditional approaches for tweaking branch hours? Here are seven pitfalls to consider:”

How branch customer and employee analytics can drive enhanced profitability – BAI Banking Strategies

“It’s important to not only know what the numbers are, but to also understand why they are what they are.”

What really counts: How observing bank branches optimizes staffing beyond the numbers – BAI Banking Strategies

“Banks—so much built around numerical precision—often hew to a business equation that looks like this: X transactions = Y branch staff. Elementary algebra, right? Or is it really that simple?”

Podcast: Branches, branch tech and the future of banking in 2018 – BAI Banking Strategies

“The oft-debated topic of branches often begs for clarity–so where to start looking? The area of data analytics holds a crucial key, as it can inform a host of decisions from staffing”

A staff to fly your best colors – BAI Banking Strategies

“Branch locations are closing and footprints shrinking, but branches continue to play an important part of customer experience.”

The Four Corners of the Universe for Universal Banker – BAI Banking Strategies

“Applying analytics in a staffing model allows you to set target service levels up front. Regular measurement against these targets will indicate whether you have a successful distribution.”


Proactive Contact Management – Banking CIO Outlook

“First Tennessee Bank decided to automate the staff planning process… The implementation enabled the bank to shrink network operating hours by 11 percent and to decrease 80 percent of retail staff overtime.”


Kiran’s Data Analytics Can Translate to Money in the Banks – San Diego Business Journal

“A branch that is overstaffed means the bank is wasting funds; too few employees and customers are impacted as service suffers.”


Interview with Wells Fargo on Effective Distribution Strategies – The Financial Brand

“The work that we do with our advanced analytics platform helps us build workforce optimization models that address efficiency while providing a great experience for the customer.”


Three Steps to Staffing Today’s Branch – ABA Bank Marketing

“Predictive analytics will be a continuing part of this story. Continually fine tuning staffing levels, branch roles, performance expectations, and incentives as consumer preferences evolve will be important to maintaining the productivity of branches.”


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