Webinar: Universal Banker

The universal banker (UB) describes a multi-purpose banker role capable of performing personal banker, teller and customer service roles. While universal banker deployment may be appropriate in certain situations, it is not effective and efficient in all situations. Rather than deploying universal bankers with a one-size-fits all approach, banking managers need to understand the key considerations for success in terms of resource capability/capacity, talent management, and environment.

Whether your bank is in the universal banker investigation, pilot, or implementation stage, there is no question the UB model is a critical success factor for evolving the branch workforce.

Watch this 12-minute webinar summary and learn about:

  • The challenges with evolving the branch workforce and how UBs can help
  • Resource capability/capacity considerations (required skills, position planning and scheduling)
  • Talent management considerations (talent acquisition, training, sales development, succession planning)
  • Environment considerations (culture, facilities, technology)
  • The role of advanced analytics for talent acquisition, position planning and scheduling

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