Key topics include workforce optimization and branch consolidation driven by analytics

February 23, 2017 – San Diego, CA – Kiran Analytics, a leader in intelligent branch transformation, announced today that it will share its branch transformation insights at two upcoming industry events — Retail Banking 2017 and CBA Live 2017.

Retail Banking Conference, American Banker’s premier event, will be held on March 22-24 in Miami, FL.

CBA Live 2017, the premier event of the Consumer Bankers Association, will be held on April 4 in Dallas, TX.Randy Ross Photo


Randy Ross, Executive Vice President, Kiran Analytics
David Cash, Director of Channel Strategy, Fifth Third Bank
Dave Martin, President, Bankmechanics

Percent of multi-channel banking consumers continues to grow due to increasing adoption of digital banking. Yet, face-to-face customer interactions in branches still provide the best opportunities to deepen customer relationships and build trust. No wonder branch transformation remains a top strategic priority for banking executives. Prudent technology and facility investments, front and back-office process improvements, workforce optimization, and effective leadership are essential ingredients for branch transformation.

CBA Live 2017 Presentation on April 4th: A LOOK INSIDE BRANCH CONSOLIDATION

Randy Ross, Executive Vice President, Kiran Analytics
Yvonne Blumenthal, Vice President, CRA Program Management, U.S Bank
Doug Craycraft, Executive Director, Community Reinvestment and Community Partnerships – CRA Program Management, JPMorgan Chase

As branches consolidate, banks want to stay connected to the community. What are they doing to demonstrate continued service to communities? How are industry changes impacting the physical presence of branches? Experts will discuss risk mitigation and what banks should be doing when closing or consolidating branches.

About Kiran Analytics

Kiran Analytics drives intelligent branch transformation for retail banks through the application of predictive analytics. Kiran’s solutions have been deployed in over 15,000 branches helping to forecast optimal branch staff levels accurately, hire better people faster, and to plan and schedule resources efficiently. As a result, retail banks increase sales and customer service while reducing operational costs. Kiran Analytics is a member of Bank Administration Institute (BAI), Consumer Bankers Association (CBA), and British Bankers Association (BBA). Kiran Analytics Inc. headquarters is based in San Diego, California and Kiran Analytics Ltd. is based in London.

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