Major new release features facilitate collaboration, calendar consolidation, and compliance.

Kiran Analytics – a leader in accelerating banking transformation through the application of advanced analytics – announced today that it launched CloudCords Forecaster and Scheduler 4.0, a major software upgrade of its innovative workforce optimization suite specifically designed for financial institutions.

While digital transformation initiatives accelerate, banking leaders continue to focus on delivering outstanding in-branch experiences for their customers. Why? Because an engaged and productive branch workforce drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Deployed in over 25,000 bank branches in the US, Canada, and the UK, CloudCords applications enable managers to put the right bankers in front of customers at the right time and place. Utilizing Kiran’s advanced analytics and predictive models, the CloudCords suite helps optimize staffing levels to achieve targeted customer service, revenue, and efficiency goals.

Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics said, “We are proud to announce this major new release to help financial institutions streamline their branch workforce management processes.” He added, “Facilitating collaboration was our top design criterion for this release. The new Scheduler application enables managers and associates to stay connected around their work schedules. The calendar consolidation API enables work schedules to stay in synch with customer appointments, internal meetings, and other events. These features improve workforce engagement and efficiency which are critical for improving customer satisfaction and growth.”

Key features include the following:

  • Collaboration – Using their mobile devices, associates can check their work schedules, set unavailability preferences, swap shifts or offer shifts. CloudCords Scheduler 4.0 ensures proper shift coverage, prevents double booking, and avoids unplanned overtime costs. Scheduling managers can view requests, approve or decline them, and facilitate collaboration. These new collaboration features drive employee engagement and productivity.
  • Calendar consolidation and integration – New API and integration functions help streamline workforce management processes with a consolidated staff calendar. CloudCords Scheduler 4.0 supports integrations with other enterprise systems such as appointment booking software, Microsoft Outlook, and HR management systems.
  • Compliance – To ensure compliance with fair labor standards and overtime regulations, CloudCords Scheduler 4.0 identifies potential schedule violations, alerts branch managers, and provides workflows to correct the issues before publishing a schedule.
  • Forecasting scenarios – With CloudCords Forecaster 4.0, what-if scenarios can be created to understand the FTE impact of strategic changes and technology deployments. Updates to attributes such time standards, open hours, non-customer-facing activities can be made and saved as scenarios. These scenarios can be used to compare forecasts to understand the impact to FTE requirements.

Kiran’s new release of CloudCords Forecaster and Scheduler 4.0 are offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for retail banks so the benefits of this major update are immediately available to all clients and end users.

About Kiran Analytics

Kiran Analytics is a leader in accelerating banking transformation through the application of advanced analytics. Kiran’s best-in-class workforce optimization and talent acquisition software products and process improvement advisory services help financial institutions improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and business performance.

Kiran Analytics’ software applications are hosted in a private cloud utilizing Kiran’s integrated SaaS platform and infrastructure services. Together, the infrastructure, hosting platform, and applications are called the CloudCords Suite.

Kiran Analytics is a member of Bank Administration Institute (BAI) and Consumer Bankers Association (CBA). Kiran Analytics’ headquarters is in San Diego, California and Kiran Analytics Ltd. is based in London.

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