Kiran Analytics, the Branch Business Unit of Verint, has been stepping up to support the increased needs of its retail banking clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. From a software perspective, the SaaS model has proven to be seamlessly resilient as we rapidly moved to 100 percent work-from-home support. We continue to service our clients with our workforce management solutions, without disruption.

In response to COVID-19, retail banks have made drastic changes in the branch channel from reducing open hours to limiting branch access to drive-through windows, and to closing branches. Kiran Analytics is continuing its commitment to help banking leaders rapidly respond to changes in customer demand and staffing.

There are numerous features in the CloudCords solutions that provide significant support for our clients’ changing branch staffing strategy. To ensure that all clients are aware of the aspects of our workforce management solutions that are more important than ever, we’re taking several steps, including:

  • Directors of Client Management have reached out to every client to understand their staffing strategies and to recommend how to best support those strategies.
  • Special documentation has been created and distributed that concisely instructs on how to use features most important for realigning staff, imposing a modified or flat-line forecast and other timely changes.
  • Kiran has already started hosting a series of webinars to create a forum where industry leaders can share best practices, key findings and near term outlook for branch staffing through the phases of the pandemic.

CloudCords Workforce Management Solutions Role During COVID-19

The CloudCords Workforce Management solution our clients rely on to schedule their teams is an important part of executing on changing staffing plans. Some aspects of the software, such as CloudCords Connect (for communications) are playing a bigger role than ever. Clients have been impressed and appreciative that CloudCords is flexible and configurable to support them in ways not previously imagined. We continue to ensure all clients are able to leverage the robust set of tools the CloudCords suite has to offer

CloudCords software solutions are enabling banking clients to:

  • Facilitate secure, peer-to-peer communications among branch associates and managers and update branch associates with secure, digital communications using CloudCords Connect (a feature that already exists but is underutilized by some clients.)
  • Develop branch workforce strategies and tactics for scenario planning and contingencies.
  • Inject COVID-19 staffing targets into the Forecaster, so branch managers can schedule against the plan.
  • Monitor adherence to modified staffing plans to ensure that execution is aligned to strategy.
  • Adjust schedules rapidly and address high levels of absenteeism.

Beyond COVID-19 – There will be More Work to Be Done

We will reach the other side of the COVID-19 situation together in business and as a community. Once we do, it will be even more critical for banks to use branch workforce management and analytics solutions to determine emerging customer behavior and staffing needs. Advanced analytics will help to quickly inform decisions about how to align branch associates to customers in a post-COVID world. Our exclusive focus on retail banking will ensure that this can help your organization to realign quickly and in a way that lets you serve your customers efficiently and effectively.

In preparation for that, we are working diligently on innovative CloudCords solutions that will address future needs as the trusted partner of the banking industry.

We are here and available to you. Please reach out to your Director of Client Management at any time.


Jim DeLapa
General Manager
Kiran Analytics, a Verint Company


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