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Conference: Kiran Analytics Summit 2018

September 13-14 | La Jolla, CA

Kiran Analytics Summit 2018 is the perfect opportunity for retail bankers to network with their peers, hear from other Kiran Analytics clients about their success stories, and participate in round table discussions to exchange ideas.

Conference: BAI Beacon 2018

October 9-11| Orlando, FL

BAI Beacon is designed to take industry goals and challenges and break them down into actionable steps that are right for your organization, your team and you. Learn from and engage with thought leaders from both in and outside of the financial services world.

Conference: Branch Tranformation 2018

November 27-28 | London, UK

Branch Transformation 2018 includes best‑practice case studies from leading banks, showcasing their response to the challenge of remaining relevant and profitable in a new business paradigm. Mass adoption of mobile and digital banking services is transforming the way customers interact with their bank. A high-quality speaker programme forms the core of the two-day event.

Conference: Future Branches

December 3-5 | Austin, TX

Future Branches explores how leading financial institutions are revamping retail banking technology, retooling front line associates, and creating the branch and retail banking experience of the future.

Past Events

Webinar: Improving Collaboration Between Line of Business and HR Using Workforce Management

May 31, 2018

Line of business (LOB) leaders are accountable for business outcomes including customer satisfaction, growth, and operational efficiency. And, HR has the responsibility for identifying, supporting, and developing the talent to achieve performance targets. Without an engaged and productive workforce, neither can be successful. Data and analytics can play an important role in improving collaboration between Line of Business and HR.

Conference: Retail Banker International 2018

May 10 | London, UK

Retail Banking: London 2018 brought together major retail banks, FinTech companies, financial institutions and solution providers for a day of intense discussions, cutting edge research and the latest updates on challenges and developments in the retail banking sector.

Conference: Retail Banking 2018

April 9-11 | Colorado Springs, CO

Retail Banking 2018 will focus on helping institutions embrace the customer demands and market requirements necessary to remain relevant and pursue continued opportunities for growth in the coming years. The event will provide a variety of learning formats, from big picture keynotes to targeted, deeper-dive workshops and scheduled networking for meaningful business connections.

Conference: CBA LIVE 2018

March 12-14 | Orlando, FL

CBA LIVE offers top-notch programming tailored toward professionals motivated to learn new trends and share ideas with the most influential decision makers in the business. More than 1,400 Senior level bankers and those doing business with the banking industry gather from across the country to experience this premier event.

Webinar: Improving Your Account Opening Process with Data and Analytics

March 1, 2018

Regardless of where the account opening process begins and ends, convenience and speed play a large role in your customers’ experience and their banking relationship in the long run. Benchmarking and improving your account opening process using data, analytics, and industrial engineering principles can deliver significant benefits – more engaged and loyal customers, more productive bankers, and more efficient and profitable retail delivery.