Conference: Kiran Analytics Branch WFM & Analytics Summit 2021

September 14-15 | Virtual

Kiran Analytics Summit 2021 is the perfect opportunity for retail bankers to network with their peers, hear from other Kiran Analytics clients about their success stories, and participate in round table discussions to exchange ideas. 

Conference: Future Branches 2021

December 6-7 | Austin, TX

Future Branches explores how leading financial institutions are revamping retail banking technology, retooling front line associates, and creating the branch and retail banking experience of the future.

Webinar: CloudCords Scheduler Integration with TimeTrade Appointment Booking

April 22, Thursday | 12:00 pm ET

Manually managing the workflows between customer appointments and branch staff schedules is inefficient and may lead to poor customer experience.

 CloudCords Scheduler seamless integration with TimeTrade, Intelligent Appointment Scheduling solution for financial institutions, not only improves workforce productivity but also helps reduce schedule conflicts and errors.


Webinar: CloudCords Data Analytics

March 18, Thursday | 12:00 pm ET


Extracting insights from large amounts of your branch and staffing data will drive your financial institution to better, faster decisions. CloudCords Data Analytics provides powerful and intuitive tools to and query your data, to create custom dashboards and visualizations, and to share them with decision makers. As a result, your organization can bridge the gap between data and confident business decisions.

Webinar: Kiran Analytics Digital Field Studies

February 11, Thursday | 12:00 pm ET


Just as financial institutions are accelerating their digital transformation due to COVID, we are too! Kiran Analytics will now be using Verint’s Desktop Process Analytics software to perform “digital observations” without having observers in the branch. The data and insights available through our Digital Field Studies will provide unprecedented visibility into branch activities for performance improvement.


Webinar: Open Hours Optimization

July 22, Thursday | 12:00 pm ET

Optimizing branch open hours  using data and analytics increases sales and service effectiveness while improving operational efficiency.

Verint’s advanced analytics solution utilizes a comprehensive and customizable branch clustering methodology to determine branch open hours that are aligned with the market opportunities to optimize customer service, revenue, and operating expense.

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