CloudCords® Scheduler is designed for retail banking branch managers for shift planning and optimized scheduling.

Seamless Forecast Integration Helps Achieve Target Service Levels

Scheduler, with its seamless Forecaster integration, helps optimize allocation of all branch staff to the forecasted customer traffic pattern and work content. An optimized branch workforce enables your retail delivery organization to achieve target service levels while avoiding overstaffed or understaffed periods.

Scheduling Automation Increases Operation Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Scheduler automates the branch staff scheduling process thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs for the branch network. With Kiran’s Scheduler, branch managers can create optimal shift schedules that match resources to demand – hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Easy-to-use Shift Planning Improves Branch Manager Productivity

Branch managers are interested in understanding the impact of vacations, PTO, or other off time on schedules. Furthermore, branch managers need to account for non-customer-facing activities, open and close tasks, etc. Scheduler provides an easy-to-use click and drag shift planning tool for quickly conducting what-if analyses, visualizing the impacts, and managing schedules.

Key features of Scheduler include:

  • Scheduling for all branch roles and positions
  • Intelligent shift planning and scheduling
  • Multi-branch scheduling by a single user
  • Scheduling of pooled or shared resources
  • Seamless integration with Kiran’s Forecaster
  • Branch level access and central planning collaboration
  • Enterprise class Security, Reliability, Redundancy
  • Simplified SaaS delivery for fast implementation and rapid ROI

Call Kiran today and learn why leading retail banks are adopting Scheduler to increase the operational efficiency of their branch network while achieving target customer service levels.

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